Nouveau Companion 27

Written by KoalaBR in Display Drivers on 26 September 2007. Page 3 of 4. 2 Comments

Trying to get NV04 working, Marcheu noticed some rare and hard to trigger corruption problems with Xv, which made ahuillet anxious to get his fingers on the NV04 which was sent to him by unbeliever (Thanks a lot!). First analysis led to the suspicion, that the blitter code on NV04 wasn't working correctly, probably due to (video) size limitations in the DMA code path.

When the CPU copy path was forced, everything worked "ok", that is, it flickered, but that was due to another problem. So there are some bugs left in the NV04 implementation of Xv but they can only be triggered by using really high resolution and thus are considered minor.

As a last note on Xv for today: NV04 overlay was implemented by ahuillet too.

On the G80 (not G84!) front, Darktama and maccam94 did some testing and found 2D to be working, although a few glitches (like missing parts of windows when refreshing or window moving stopping for a very short period).

Randr 1.2 was merged back into the master branch by Arlied which means that all available or worked on features are currently available through the master branch. To enable Randr1.2 for nouveau in master branch please use: Option "Randr12" "TRUE". Testing revealed that the Xv blitter was broken as was dual head.

Bk and stillunknown did some further work on randr12 and got it in a more workable state. That is, it should work on more cards than before.

Earlier versions of xserver did yield some compile errors due to newly added includes etc. but pmdata took on the task to fix them one by one. So nouveau should now work on xserver 1.1 too, but obviously without any randr1.2 support. So pmdata added a configure option "--disable-nv30exa" which allows building and using nouveau on xserver >= 1.1

Stillunknown noticed some problems (e.g. missing prototypes for functions) and told Darktama about it. He took on the task to test it on his hardware and did kill of some warnings in the process.

More and more reports regarding randr1.2 support came in, most of them saying that it mostly worked. Most annoying thing is that on analogue CRTs the output seems to be shifted to the right with a purple or pink border on the right side. Stillunknown is still somewhat pking in the dark, as he only has LCD screen (DFP) at his hands.

So talked with Thunderbird and airlied about his problems and both helped him out with the information they had.

bk did some work on suspend & resume (from / to disk), trying to get a feeling for the needs of nouvueau. Situation is complicated by the fact that the kernel is currently missing some needed infrastructure to keep track of and be able to set modes.

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