AMD 8.35.5 Display Driver

Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 28 March 2007. Page 3 of 5. Add A Comment

With version 0.8 of the AMD CCC Linux Edition the pages include Welcome, Information, Color, and Display Manager. The data displayed on the CCC information page includes the graphics card, BIOS version, memory type, memory size, memory clock, core clock, bus type, and bus setting. The software information displayed is the driver version as well as the Catalyst Control Center version. OpenGL information includes the OpenGL provider, renderer, and version.

On the Color page for the v0.8 Catalyst Control Center are sliders for adjusting the amount of red, green, and blue. This color adjustment area is similar to one of the few features found in the fireglcontrolpanel. Reset buttons are also available for each color if you wish to return to the default value. On this page is also a drop-down menu for selecting the graphics adapter, which leaves us hope that support for having multiple Radeon/FireGL graphics cards in a single computer will soon become a possibility.

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