Masters of The LANiverse 2006

Written by Michael Larabel in Events on 1 January 2007. Page 4 of 5. Add A Comment

To some dismay the Masters of the LANiverse LAN party had not launched seamlessly. Shortly after the event had started, the generator power had gone black. This temporary issue had disrupted some users who had lost power while setting up their PCs but was quickly resolved. An eight-foot grounding rod had to be inserted into the ground and several Romex drops replaced before the generator power issues had cleared up. The Masters of the LANiverse had also run into some temporary network troubles when an attendee had enabled a second DHCP server on the network that had troubled some users. After these issues were resolved the rest of the day had gone without any faults.

Outside of the traditional gaming and events at LAN parties there were two Nintendo Wii setups as well as Guitar Hero. The offbeat tournaments at the event were a Nintendo Wii Sports bowling tournament as well as a rock-paper-scissors tournament.

The main LAN tournament at this event was Counter-Strike Source. This tournament consisted of 18 five-person teams, including some die-hard CAL teams. The winning team had taken home $450 USD.

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