Masters of The LANiverse 2006

Written by Michael Larabel in Events on 1 January 2007. Page 3 of 5. Add A Comment

As nice as the venue was, power and network cables still had to be run in order to accommodate the needs of this event. Rather than using duct tape or carpet runs to protect this exposed cabling, Electriduct and Cable Organizer had stepped up to the plate with an alternative. Electriduct is a leader in providing cord covers and cable protectors for a variety of applications from home and office use to industrial-grade products that are used at military installations and construction sites with a variety of cord covers, cable protectors, cable ramps, drop overs, and power extensions. Cable Organizer is a company that we have dealt with in the past at Phoronix as they offer an online store that sells a variety of products from cable protectors to server racks and telecom equipment.

Cable Organizer and Electriduct had sent out two 5-foot light capacity cord covers, one D-22-10 wire duct, one D-100-10 wire duct, and two power extensions of 15 and 25 feet. This was not enough for them to protect all of the cables in the banquet room but was suitable for covering the most high-traffic areas.

These cable management products had proved to help a great deal and significantly reduced the liability of any attendees possibly tripping over them when compared to carpet runs or duct tape. These products had also helped a great deal for making setup and teardown a complete breeze. LAN party patrons and administrations had only positive thoughts about these Cable Organizer and Electriduct products after having realized the nuisance of duct tape due to the recurring costs, timely setup/tear-down, and sticky cables as a result. The Cable Organizer and Electriduct products had protected power and CAT6 Ethernet cables. More information on these extremely handy products can be found at Electriduct and Cable Organizer.

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