Masters of The LANiverse 2006

Written by Michael Larabel in Events on 1 January 2007. Page 2 of 5. Add A Comment

The Masters of the LANiverse event had started on Saturday, December 30 at 10:00AM, while most of the venue setup had taken place on the previous day. The banquet room used was able to provide most of the power needs for the event, but to safely provide additional power was a 150,000 Watt / 550 Amp diesel generator with three 200 Amp 12-circuit distribution boxes and three 7-circuit spider boxes.

The event setup on Friday had taken approximately ten hours after event administrators were forced to remap most of the power for the building, setting up tables, and run cabling. The seating arrangement had placed three people per eight-foot table in order to accommodate 250 people.

The network itself was pure Gigabit with it being backed mostly by Dell 24-port 10/100/1000 switches with CAT6 runs between tables. ClarkConnect Linux powered the DHCP server and other network services.

By midnight on Friday most everything was set to roll for the event to start early in the morning. The limiting factor that had capped the size of the event was the size of the banquet room but not the networking equipment or power. With seating for 250 there still was plenty of room to walk around with ease.

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