Icy Dock MB122 & MB452 Enclosures

Written by David Lin in Storage on 1 August 2006. Page 3 of 4. Add A Comment

The version of the Icy Dock MB122 we had for testing today was the beige MB122SKGF. The enclosure fits in an available 5.25" drive bay, and like the MB452, it offers a handle with lock and all of the other bells and whistles. One of the features for the MB122 is the LCD display and buttons on the front of the unit. The LCD displays various drive information as well as having audio indicators built into the device.

Like the MB452, the MB122 also offers a small fan at the rear of the unit to provide some additional cooling. The connectors at the rear consist of a 4-pin molex power connector and Serial ATA data.

What is interesting about these products is that the MB122 and MB452 are actually hot swappable between each other. You can pull the drive out of the MB122 and immediately insert it into the MB452 and vice-versa. This can also be done using the MB123 unit among others. This is certainly an interesting yet practical feature for having the abilities to pull the drive out of one enclosure, and immediately have it operate inside of a portable external enclosure.

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