Icy Dock MB122 & MB452 Enclosures

Written by David Lin in Storage on 1 August 2006. Page 2 of 4. Add A Comment


Starting by looking at the MB452 enclosure, we are using the SATA version of this enclosure rather than the IDE ATA-133 model. The Serial ATA model also offers external interfaces of both USB 2.0 and eSATA. There are also three versions of each model, for beige, black, and silver coloring. The model we had for review was the silver version -- MB452MK-S. While the MB122 is designed for internal use and the MB452 is geared for external use, the layout and features for both of the products are actually quite similar.

The front of the drive enclosure boasts a simple yet stylish design, and is made primarily of aluminum. The MB452 drive has two indicator lights for indicating activity and power. There is also a handle on the drive enclosure that conceals the security lock, and allows the user to pull the drive out of the enclosure. On the side of the MB452 are also two rubber feet to allow the device to lay flat or sideways. Both sides of this enclosure use a honeycomb mesh for improved ventilation. At the back of the MB452 is a small fan for actively pushing air around the drive, as well as the various connectors can be found at the rear. The connections include power, USB 2.0, and eSATA. The eSATA connector is used only if you have a supportive motherboard that supports a compatible interface. It can also be used with an eSATA expansion bracket.

On the inside of the device is the drive bay itself, which boasts a PCB containing the Serial ATA power and data connections. Also a wire inside leads to the power and activity LEDs on the front. For both the MB452 and MB122 devices, there is a large 64-pin interface for allowing the drive to communicate with the dock.

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