Silencing The SOHO

Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 14 July 2005. Page 4 of 5. Add A Comment

Prime Cooler

On to the Prime Cooler products: the first item to hit our systems was the PC-VGAC+. This graphics card cooler is made entirely out of copper while offering an adjustable-speed fan to maintain silence in the system while still effectively cooling off the VPU. The RPM regulator is a rather small and needs to be controlled by using a small screwdriver; as unfortunately there is no larger knob or switch for controlling the fan, which is powered by a 3-pin fan connector. Looking at the base of this heatsink, its copper finish was very smooth and flat. In our testing of this heatsink we found it to offer a slight advantage over the stock passive heatsink previously used. Unfortunately, as the Tyan i7221A utilizes integrated graphics we were unable to bring this unit into our SOHO server project.

The next set of Prime Cooler products we have to examine are the PC-9225L12SMA and PC-8025L12SMA case fans. These case fans are nearly identical with their features except from the part that one is 92mm in size where the other is 80mm. Like the PC-VGAC+, these Prime Cooler case fans also offer a manually adjustable RPM regulator. Other than offering an RPM regulator to achieve silent results, these Prime Cooler fans are rather generic.

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