MonsterGecko Pistol Mouse FPS

Written by Adam Kadzban in Peripherals on 20 January 2005. Page 3 of 3. Add A Comment


The first thing that was done with this new mouse was to edit an article for future publication. Just for reference, of course, not that we would recommend using the MonsterGecko Pistol Mouse FPS for anything other then gaming! It went pretty well, except we were continually baffled at why the left click hardly ever worked, but that was because of the 2-step process for using the button. However, everything went smoothly when pushing the button down fully. The pistol design was a little tough to adjust from after many years of using a regular mouse, but getting the hang of the new Pistol Mouse took little time. After editing the article, we decided to play some Counterstrike: Source. As we were still getting used to the new mouse, it took some time to become proficient again, but we soon picked up on looking around, turning quickly, and other items like that. Nevertheless, we consistently lost firefights because while trying to burst-fire, the trigger would not recognize the clicking because we were hardly tapping the trigger, and not applying enough force for it to register. On the pistol mouse, the trigger seems to have two stages of sorts, which is quite unlike optical mice we are used to these days. Still, the game was much more enjoyable while moving with an actual pistol. We also played some Americas Army Special Forces 2.2 Vanguard, with no issues at all, and the Pistol Mouse FPS worked exceptional especially when using the M82A1A sniper rifle. We were also very surprised that when we first plugged it in, it worked fine! Even when running FedoraCore3 Linux (2.6.9 kernel). No need of drivers or packages, which is very nice. Way to go MonsterGecko!


Overall, this is a very innovative, original, and a handy product. We experienced no more hand cramps from using a horizontal-based mouse, and had quite a fun time playing games with an actual pistol replica. This product is very nice, and impressed all of us die-hard gamers tremendously. At only $39.95, the price for such an oddity isn't that bad at all. The only real flaw we came across were the triggers that need to be pressed down fully in order to be recognized as a click, but shouldn't be that hard at all to mod the unit in order to achieve the desired clicking preference. MonsterGecko is so sure you'll love this mouse for gaming; they even offer a 30-day money back guarantee! This was not only an engineering marvel by the folks at MonsterGecko, but also a kick ass piece of gaming equipment. It will be interesting to see what other gaming items this new company will be able to throw into the gaming arena.


Convenient usage
Linux compatible
Build quality
Ambidextrous design
Made from durable material
Fun to use
Comfortable grip


Large base
Learning curve to use device proficiently
"Sticky" trigger

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