MonsterGecko Pistol Mouse FPS

Written by Adam Kadzban in Peripherals on 20 January 2005. Page 2 of 3. Add A Comment


The pistol mouse is basically an optical mouse in the shape of a gun. The plastic shape of this gun is similar looking to a 9mm Glock handgun. It is built out of a black plastic, with a comfortable red rubber handgrip on each side of the pistol, which are removable. Two red aluminum triggers, and a red over-sized Gecko scroll wheel can also be found. There are also four small pieces of plastic protruding from the sides of the barrel, where one would normally find the guns safety lock, which was mistaken for buttons at first, but turned out to be just pieces of plastic. The left button is the gun's trigger, while the right-click button is cleverly placed under the trigger guard, where one's middle finger rests. One bad thing we noticed about the trigger is that it seems to be “sticky.” When you pull it, it doesn't actually register until you pull it past its first stopping point, similar to the mechanism found on most digital cameras where the picture isn't taken until you push it down fully after it focuses. The scroll button is also nicely placed just above where the thumb would generally rest on the pistol.

The pistol itself rests on a rectangular base that has the optical sensor at the front of it. Because the sensor is at the front, a small turn of the wrist results in a very large turning radius, which is very nice. A USB 2.0 cord goes out from the front of this base. Unfortunately, the base is rather large, and can get in the way if space is limited. Another drawback is the size of the grip, which is rather small.

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