Systemd Hits A High Point For Number Of New Commits & Contributors During 2018

Written by Michael Larabel in systemd on 28 December 2018 at 06:05 AM EST. 23 Comments
With the end of the year upon us, the latest project we're looking at the GitStats on and most popular milestones of the year is for systemd.

As of writing this morning, systemd is up to 37,772 commits from around 1,317 different authors. The systemd Git repository has grown to include over three thousand files (3,026) that amount to around 1,158,511 lines of code.

After being in a decline the prior two years, systemd in 2018 saw the most commits ever for the project. There were 6,106 commits in 2018 as of today compared to the previous high set back in 2015 of 5,530. THough on a L.O.C. basis, systemd saw less new lines added that in the previous year. These six thousand plus commits added 215,161 lines of code and removed 135,456 lines of code, compared to last year with just 3.5k commits adding 419k lines and removing 119k.

Lennart Poettering continued having the most commits this year and was responsible for approximately 36% of them. The other top contributors included Yu Watanabe, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek, Evgeny Vereshchagin, Franck Bui, and Filipe Brandenburger.

Another pleasant milestone this year was seeing 345 different authors in their Git repository, another record high. Their previous record was 300 set last year while in the prior years was much less. So it's great to see several dozen more developers involved in systemd during 2018.

Systemd's line count grew steady this year. More stats via the GitStats dump.

Lastly, for those curious, the most popular systemd stories of 2018 on Phoronix:

systemd Breached One Million Lines Of Code In 2017
Systemd had a busy 2017 and its code-base is now up to over one million lines.

Systemd Introduces "Portable Services" Functionality, Similar To Containers
The past several months Lennart Poettering has been working on a "portable services" concept and that big ticket new feature has now landed in Systemd. Portable services are akin to containers but different.

Facebook Continues Making Extensive Use Of systemd
At last week's All Systems Go! 2018 conference in Berlin, Davide Cavalca talked about Facebook's use of systemd in 2018 and how it's expanded since their talk a year ago on the subject.

Systemd 239 Rolls Out With Portable Services, Merges Boot Loader Specification
The big systemd 239 feature update is now officially released.

Systemd Adds Feature To Fallback Automatically To Older Kernels On Failure
Systemd's latest feature is the concept of "boot counting" that will track kernel boot attempts and failures as part of an automatic boot assessment. Ultimately this is to provide automatic fallback to older kernels should a newer kernel be consistently failing.

What systemd Is Up To With The Latest Developments In 2018
At the end of September in Berlin was the All Systems Go! conference focusing on user-space Linux and evolving from what years ago was the annual systemd conference. We've covered many of the interesting sessions from that conference while what we hadn't highlighted until now was Lennart Poettering's systemd update.

Systemd 237 Will Have Support For WireGuard
The next release of systemd, v237, will introduce support for WireGuard. WireGuard as a reminder is the effort to provide a fast, modern and secure VPN tunnel that eventually plans to be part of the mainline Linux kernel.

Dbus-Broker Is Still A Faster User-Space-Based D-Bus
With BUS1 still appearing out in the distant for the mainline Linux kernel as an in-kernel IPC mechanism, dbus-broker is the year-and-a-half long effort so far at making a faster D-Bus compliant implementation in user-space.

Systemd 238 Released, Adds New Temporary File-System Option
While systemd 237 was released just over one month ago, systemd 238 was released today as the next installment of this init system.

Systemd 239 Is Being Prepped For Release With Many Changes
It has already been three months since the release of systemd 238 and as such release preparations are now underway for systemd 239.
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