Clonezilla 2.4.2-10 Makes Use Of OverlayFS & Systemd

Written by Eric Griffith in Operating Systems on 10 June 2015 at 04:09 PM EDT. Add A Comment
A few days ago Clonezilla, the popular Linux distribution with a focus on disk imaging and cloning, released version 2.4.2-10, and this release is a big one.

This release of Clonezilla is tracking Debian Sid -- as of June 8, 2015. As such it includes Linux kernel 4.0.2-1, Syslinux 6.03, and gdisk/sgdisk 1.0. The new release also changes the default union file system from AuFS to the recently added OverlayFS within the mainline Linux kernel, as well as changing the init system from sysvinit to systemd.

Beyond that this release also includes improved support for UEFI booting, and for restoring a disk image to a UEFI machine.

There's the usual round of updates, translation updates, and bug fixes, including one for imaging a partition greater than 16TB's in size, another bug that caused swap partitions to not be cloned for GPT disks, and the addition of the “zbackup” utility for deduplicated backups.

Downloads are available here and release notes are available here.
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