Hi Michael,

I'm not sure if direct messages are the way to submit stories or topics for you to cover on Phoronix, so feel free to berate me if I didn't follow the proper channels. (Would you prefer a tweet next time? Or perhaps some other way? I couldn't find a story submission link anywhere on Phoronix, but perhaps it was hiding in plain sight.)

Anyway, I'd like to ask if you could post a short article about the CM4 MATX project. Basically, its aim is to develop an open source MicroATX form factor motherboard that a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 plugs into, exposing its I/O through a standard ATX backplate, including 2 full-sized HDMI ports, providing multiple PCIe slots through an on-board multiplexer (that can take x16 cards, even though they don't provide full x16 bandwidth), and having a standard ATX power connector that can be fed from a regular ATX power supply.

In short, it allows people to build and customize a relatively cheap and upgradable ARM64-based desktop PC using mostly regular PC components.

There is already a preliminary KiCad design, and some people have already pitched in with ideas and technical additions. However, as the main developer of the project, GitHub user TheGuyDanish, has stated further down the project's README file: more help is wanted, particularly from more experienced electronics engineers that are willing to contribute to a project like this.

Some publicity from a site like Phoronix would go a long way towards finding such talented volunteers.

Anyway, it's completely up to you to decide the newsworthiness of this, but the Compute Module 4 is a relatively new project and it's exciting to see multiple projects (including this one) popping up to leverage such a versatile and affordable component. Hopefully this will make ARM64-based computing and tinkering more affordable and accessible to hobbyists, enthusiasts and eventually perhaps even regular users looking for low-cost and low-power desktop computing solutions.

Thank you for considering this!