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  • OpenCL open-source for dummies

    Hello all,
    Thank you for this wonderful site. I choose to post here because of the high activity and the relevant informations available.

    I want to use OpenCL on python programs using all the available cores, for instance with ViennaCL or ArrayFire. I have got 2 computers:
    • a desktop with a Xeon X5660 @ 2.80GHz CPU (6 cores+ hyperthreading), 3 GPU : Nvidia GT 730 + GTX 780 + GTX 1060 and 24Go of RAM under Fedora 24. Upgrade is possible. I have installed akmod-nvidia, cuda-8.0 and pocl.
    • a laptop with a Core i7-6500U @ 2.50GHz CPU (2 cores + hyperthreading), 2 GPU : Intel HD Graphics 520 + AMD Radeon R7 M265 and 16 Go of RAM. A fresh install of Fedora 25 is present. I have installed beignet, pocl and mesa-libOpenCL.

    clinfo and clpeak outputs are present there

    My question is simple : how can we make OpenCL fully working on these two computers, with the best efficiency, starting from a fresh install ? Fedora has to be preferred to keep compatibility with a professional sofware. However, using ubuntu is not totally excluded.

    Moreover, do I need devel packages ?

    Additionally, I would prefer to use amdgpu rather than radeon driver on the laptop, to increase efficiency. Amdgpu driver is only experimental on Southern Islands GPU like the R7 M265 but I did not succeed to force its use. I would prefer to not use amdgpu-pro as it will probably need a downgrade on linux kernel and Xorg (

    Many thanks for your help and given time.