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Jemalloc 4.0 Brings Space & Speed Optimizations

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  • Jemalloc 4.0 Brings Space & Speed Optimizations

    Phoronix: Jemalloc 4.0 Brings Space & Speed Optimizations

    Jemalloc, the memory allocator that tries to avoid memory fragmentation while focusing on scalable concurrency,hed version 4.0 earlier this month...

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    From what I remember, Firefox and Rust both use an older version of Jemalloc and have getting themselves as unforked as possible as one of their less prioritized goals.


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      Background information:
      • Firefox still hasn't enabled jemalloc3 by default and they're working to let rust-code in gecko use the gecko allocator.
      • Mike Hommey (glandium) is working on getting jemalloc4 to work with Firefox, but things as of a couple days ago don't look so good.
      • Back to Rust: Recently, an RFC has been published and implemented, that enables a custom allocator to be specified at compile time and switches the default allocator for dynamic libraries and static libraries to using the system malloc instead of jemalloc

      edit: jemalloc4 has landed in the tree and is most likely going to be enabled in the next nightly build:
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        HHVM has switched to Jemalloc 4.0

        They need all the help they can get now that PHP 7 is about to pass them, making people wonder why use a binary several times the size of PHP

        (does PHP use jemalloc? can it benefit from being compiled with jemalloc support?)