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Ruby 2.2 Released With A Better Garbage Collector

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  • Ruby 2.2 Released With A Better Garbage Collector

    Phoronix: Ruby 2.2 Released With A Better Garbage Collector

    Making a Christmas day debut is Ruby 2.2...

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    Looks good. Anyone know if this works ok with Rails 4.2.0 now? Or should I wait with the upgrade till Rails 5.0?


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      Ruby is LSD


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        Originally posted by uid313 View Post
        Having had LSD I contest this analogy to the fullest.


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          Psychedelics and software don't really go together. A very stupid picture.


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            Good stuff. The vfork stuff is quite amusing though. It's a very controversial call and they appear to acknowledge that. I actually thought it did the same thing as fork on regular Linux systems but I am mistaken so there could be some performance benefit here. However the only situation where it's even remotely safe to use it is when you want to do a fork, immediately followed by an execve. Some systems like Blackfin don't support fork but I doubt this opens up Ruby to those. Having said that, I did find this so someone must have tried it.