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Builder: A New Development IDE Being Built For GNOME

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    My favourite Linux distro is now Android. Looking forward for Eclipse on Android, then it will become my main desktop.


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      Originally posted by hubick View Post
      Why not just help improve Eclipse support which already exists for most of these things? Same old FLOSS story
      Because Eclipse is slow (I suppose)


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        Originally posted by Cyborg16 View Post

        I'd have thought they'd use Meson in a modern project, or at least CMake.
        Seeing as LLVM/Clang is moving to CMake and they specifically reference using Clang it is rather ironic.


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          Originally posted by gufide View Post
          GNOME Develops for GNOME, as always.
          As it should.

          Apple develops OS X for Apple.


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            That's a rather unhappy namespace collision. GtkBuilder is a class (which this program will probably use a *lot*) and build systems are building everything, everywhere.

            Why? Even I can cough up something unique when pressed. Sure it's getting harder lately but this isn't even trying. This is almost as bad as calling your word processor Word.


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              No kidding

              Gtk is stalling the growth of Linux desktop. I think GNOME should go to Qt5.


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                Why not making a emacs-gnome frontent, yes yes I know there is a basic gtk3 version, but it defaults to old shortcuts and has not optimal default settings for most people.

                I use ergoemacs, so a more standard keysheme is easy doable, and u can configure it like u want it if u have enough time. There is integration modules for everything u can think of. It supports more languages and more apis and whatever.

                Multiprocess patches are in next version I belive.

                yes u have to use more or less elisp to hack it. But so what, its still better easier to write and evaluate than C code.

                would be cool the see the most powerful (even vi users have to agree to that, they maybe dont see that u need that much features and they find minimal stuff better but they cant argue against that) editor or operating system emacs in a modern gnome3 skin.

                If it would be finaly multiprocess, I think the more features would be more important than that its hyper fast, for a hyper fast small "ide" or editor u have gedit.

                Would solve many problems of the gnome project, they could use all the exporter functions in their programms they would not have to reinvent another 1000 wheels again, and only walk behind the feature monster emacs for the next 30 years.


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                  hm, so the IDEs out there are almost complete and well working?

                  Because that would be typical for gnome (and redhat/fedora). As soon as everything seems to work, abandon it for something new, better, shiny and broken.


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                    If it's not easy to build GUIs, it is a waste of energy

                    Netbeans has GUI Builder.

                    Eclipse has Window Builder.

                    Does this new GNOME builder IDE possibly stand up to the mature IDEs which are better than the rest and can handle drag and drop GUI building? Is it planned? I'm ok with it as a plugin, it doesn't have to be native like Visual Studio.(Window Builder, for example, is a plugin) But drag and drop programming is a must. Its a dealbreaker.

                    (Note, these screenshots may be old.)


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                      Originally posted by energyman View Post
                      hm, so the IDEs out there are almost complete and well working?

                      Because that would be typical for gnome (and redhat/fedora). As soon as everything seems to work, abandon it for something new, better, shiny and broken.
                      I am sorry to break it to you but that is the definition of development. What do you expect when something matures, everybody just should look at the mature code all day? A little of the resources are allocated to maintain the stable versions while the new/shiny/broken/unstable becomes the new stable product (or it doesn't become so if it's not good).

                      Qt does the same thing. QtWidgets are as stable as it gets and Qt is now working on the next generation product of theirs which is QML.

                      Everybody does the same thing except garbage like Apple which usually just re-brands the same thing while it doesn't need to do so.

                      Nobody is forcing anybody to use the new product while it is broken/not-finished. You can keep using the stable product if it is that good. If you cannot use applications with the old/stable product, then its either a problem of that particular applications' developers or the old product is not that good as you think.