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Facebook Introduces "Hack" Language, Based On PHP

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    Originally posted by Pajn View Post
    Saying that PHP isn't supposed to write big apps is wrong. It were true in the beginning but now they try to sell it as a real language with OO and such. And a lot of people believe in that utter crap.

    PHP is a powerful templating language, however it isn't a good one as it is designed more like a programming language than a templating language. I do use PHP myself on occasion as it's powerful and simple to get started with. However I never ever would use it in something that is bigger than three files or 100 lines in total (whatever comes first). If PHP ever only where advertised that it should only be used under that simple rule I wouldn't have any problem with it at all, now it's advertised as and I say, and stand for, that PHP is the worst programming language ever constructed.
    Three files of 100 lines of code in total? You mean 36 files with 6000 lines of code in total? HAHAHA.

    One important aspect people ignore is that not everyone care if the lagnuage is perfect or full of irregularities, as long as one can learn to live with them. This same can apply for spoken languages. So, IMO one of the most important things is the way one learned/is learning a language. If one learns from someone who knows it well, and teaches how to use it right (Not right according to ones expectations of how it shoud behave, but how it wil work, and get the job done.), with its shortcommings, it can work well and stable.

    Beside learning experience, what esle counts is the community, frameworks, tools etc. Everything what can help one to to the job done in more simple/easier way.
    I my self would definitelly not use it for everything, but for some things I already did, without much experimenting.
    Using OO is/was quite possible. I was using it with Zend framework, following MVC, and IMO it is not bad at all. Just to make you easy, I even used Smarty for templates, and not PHP : ).
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