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LLVM's libc++ Now Has Full C++1Y Support

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  • LLVM's libc++ Now Has Full C++1Y Support

    Phoronix: LLVM's libc++ Now Has Full C++1Y Support

    LLVM's libc++ standard library alternative to the GNU's libstdc++ now has full support for the forthcoming C++1y standard...

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    That was fast. Maybe I will play with LLVM on my next project.


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      I read that UTF string support in C++11 is horrible, anyone knows if it's any better in C++1Y?


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        What about the progress in libstdc++?


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          Originally posted by Thaodan View Post
          What about the progress in libstdc++?
          What about it? I'm sure if you check out GCC GNU Project you can find your answers. I'm also sure that Phoronix will have an article once it is ready.


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            Originally posted by mbryd37
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