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LLVM/Clang Already Working On C++1y/C++14

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  • LLVM/Clang Already Working On C++1y/C++14

    Phoronix: LLVM/Clang Already Working On C++1y/C++14

    Phoronix was first to report on Friday that LLVM's Clang compiler is now C++11 feature complete. The LLVM developers have today confirmed this information and talked about future C++ support too...

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    binary literals


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      GCC have also begun support of C++1y -- GCC 4.8 supports return type deduction in normal functions (N3386) via --std=c++1y (see


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        From GCC 4.8 Changelog :
        G++ now supports a -std=c++1y option for experimentation with features proposed for the next revision of the standard, expected around 2017. Currently the only difference from -std=c++11 is support for return type deduction in normal functions, as proposed in N3386.
        Just an FYI...

        edit : GCC already supports binary litterals, although ATM as a GNU extension, with which AFAIK LLVM is compatible.

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          It's somewhat annoying that GCC and Clang use C++1y to refer to two different standard versions. C++14 is intended to be pretty light, having only features that can be completed by next year. It'll include some language updates, hence it's more than a TR, but many important-ish library updates won't land in time for C++14 and will be in a separate TR so they're available before C++17. C++17 will hopefully include final versions of most of the papers being discussed now, including those that just can't be vetted in time for C++14.


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            From the looks of the status page Clang is already plugging away at the next set of extensions to be added in trunk.