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Shed Skin: Another Way To Compile Python Code

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  • Shed Skin: Another Way To Compile Python Code

    Phoronix: Shed Skin: Another Way To Compile Python Code

    Last week on Phoronix I wrote about Gccpy, which is an effort as part of Google's Summer of Code to develop a Python front-end to GCC that would allow compiling Python into native system binaries using the GNU Compiler Collection. This was of interest to many readers and the developer behind Gccpy, had commented in more detail in the forums. Following that news article I received an email regarding another Python compiler effort...

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    You guys now that there is also Cython?


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      I think Gccpy, at least, is different from Cython. From the Cython FAQ:
      For numerical code, speed-ups of 100-1000 times compared to CPython are not unusual, and are achieved by simply adding static type declarations to performance critical parts of the code, thus trading Python's dynamic typing for speed.
      You need to be more strict with types when using Cython to get some of it's benefits. I believe Gccpy goes in the other direction--allowing you to use types as you would normally in python, and still get an advantage.

      I don't know how well that will work out; I haven't managed to compile even a very simple test with Gccpy yet, so I can't really judge it yet, except that it seems like a good idea.

      (Side note: It looks like Cython is geared more toward wrapping C libraries for use in Python, or for making C compiled Python modules coded in Python, but I suppose that doesn't preclude it from being used for other purposes.)