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Red Hat Developing "eu-stacktrace" For Profiling Without Frame Pointers

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    Originally posted by patrick1946 View Post
    If you have a faster CPU you very often need more traces. If you increase the resolution you get a much better pictures of what is going on. So I am not really sold on the eh frames method.
    Yes there is reasons why we have not been using the DWARF eh_frames method. But I do think we should have tooling to allow profiling of binaries without frame-pointer.

    There is still other tooling we need. Like you cannot use a profile generated with binary with frame pointer to profile guided optimize a binary without frame-pointer. This is why google developers included DWARF eh_frames profiling in orbit. Yes DWARF eh_frames you cannot have a binary with frame pointer to profile then do profile guide optimization with this profile to generate a binary without frame-pointer as well. There is a lack of a tool to sanitize the profile data to remove the frame-pointer alterations from the profile or add the frame-pointer alterations back to the profile.

    Yes I would love to be able to generate profile data from a binary with frame-pointer enabled so profiling has low CPU cost so I can do more of it and use that profile data to build a binary without frame-pointer so runtime has highest performance. This is still just a dream at this stage.