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Proposal Raised To Deprecate "-Ofast" For The LLVM/Clang Compiler

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    Originally posted by aviallon View Post

    You just have to replace -Ofast with -O3 -ffast-math, and you're done.
    And break a large amount of scripts out there and making things incompatible with GCC in that niche.

    And all that for what reason? Because some people don't read the doc? If there was a technical solution to stupidity, it would have been implemented a long time ago.

    I fully understand that you don't see the problem because the solution looks simple. However such a change will translate to thousands of tickets and bug reports because "compilation fails" or "my script does not work" or "my docker compose broke". If there was any gain at all, there's a discussion to be had; when it's for dubious reasons, it's just breaking things for pleasure.