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GCC 14 Compiler Adds AArch64 GNU/Hurd Support

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    Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
    We already have that; it's called Haiku. (And BSD, if you want want.)
    I don't know much about Haiku or its Kernel. Could it be used as a replacement for Linux with the GNU utilities? I think GNU itself wants to have a GPL compatible and self maintained Kernel as well, at least in an ideal world. I don't think from the perspective from GNU and their motivation that the Haiku core is a good alternative. At least it in technical perspective it is compatible to Unix / BSD, so it might work as a Linux replacement.

    GNU is only concerned about Hurd to be used with the GNU utilities; basically making the utilities work. That was the idea before Linux came. Since then they don't need it anymore... it's even GPL. What to ask more?


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      Originally posted by cend View Post

      I think it is hobbyists only, serious effort pretty much died once Linux gained traction
      It still has merit. For example Apple proved that the basis of the Hurd kernel (called Mach) could be quite successful:

      Mach's derivatives are the basis of the operating system kernel in GNU Hurd and of Apple's XNU kernel used in macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS.​​

      A lot of people incorrectly think macOS is just a BSD OS with a naff UI. When in fact it is more like GNU Hurd with a naff UI (...and a mixed BSD/GNU userland... and strange BSD kernel subsystem like Interix).
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        Originally posted by byteabit View Post
        How do you define "usable"? BSDs are usable, just not for you. Therefore YOU struggle with BSD.
        From my point of view / based on my many years of experience with FBSD in the wild (which isn't done by lot of FBSD fans) and having run different BSDs on VMs and BMs I can say that *BSD isn't the best *nix like OS of choice in the last tenish years.

        ​​​​​​As a hobby for long and dark winter nights? Yes. For production or daily driver that brings money? Not really.


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          Originally posted by User29 View Post
          *BSD isn't the best *nix like OS of choice in the last tenish years.
          It does not need to be the best, just an alternative. And its not usable for you and your use case, I get it. So FreeBSD and its family is usable after all, just not for your personal production. Especially in servers FreeBSD seem to be used here and there. Even Netflix used FreeBSD: So you are not right about not being ready for daily driver that brings money.


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            Originally posted by varikonniemi View Post
            hurd is a pie in the sky project that has never been functional, some hackers trying to force "microkernel" even when no-one ever has successfully managed to do so for desktop
            QNX and AmigaOS have microkernels. Of course they're both for all practical purposes dead now (QNX only on the desktop) but they showed that it's possible.


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              Originally posted by byteabit View Post
     - There is a next generation Hurd in planning...

              No changes since at least 2008.