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GCC Adopts A Code of Conduct

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  • Originally posted by oiaohm View Post

    That only one form of court case.
    What is the difference between libel and slander? We break it down, and look at how defamation of character can be considered a personal injury case.

    Would have paid to look closer. Those racist people are not punished under laws that don't apply to everyone. Yes CoC is mostly saying don't do things that would end with you or the project in court over libel and other offenses. Free speech is not a license to say anything.

    There are levels of being asshole. Its very hard to be a asshole and be legal safe at the same time.

    Lot of USA people should be in court for their behavior because their behavior is not legally allowed. Of course not helped that they had a president that totally broke the rules.
    That is a strong indication that the law is simply wrong, if you'd have to arrest about half the country...


    • Originally posted by rabcor View Post
      That is a strong indication that the law is simply wrong, if you'd have to arrest about half the country...
      Learn about the difference between a defense based on a mistake of fact or a mistake of law, and when each is appropriate in a criminal prosecution.

      The law being wrong does not mean it not enforceable and that companies and organizations don't have to obey the law. To be able to ignore the law you have to be able to prove the law is mistake and that requires in lots of cases going to court.

      Please note I have not said the law is right.

      The CoC is designed inside the current USA laws. The reality lot of things people disagree about the CoC about is there because the USA laws basically says it has to be there. If you don't like it the reality you need to be willing to argue that in USA court and hopefully win because losing is going to go horrible wrong. Trump did say he would attempt to change the laws on libel but then found he could not because its a stack of precedent.

      Funny reason why law makes it so hard to be legal asshole because of the number of cases that asshole has offend person so badly they have wanted revenge and that person attempting revenge as screwed up killing many other people other than the asshole. The precedents are strong marker that anti asshole laws are somewhat right. There are crimes that happen a lot more in the USA than a lot of other places that might in fact be linked to lack of enforcement of the anti asshole laws.