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Apache NetBeans 18 Released With Many Improvements, Initial Support For Rust

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    Originally posted by lkishalmi View Post

    Version 6.5.1 was released more than 14 years ago. I think nothing has happened in the Software/Hardware industry during that time. Maybe the UML hype is still on...
    Don't worry about, I had the misfortune of dealing with Netbeans 7 or 8 in the meantime. Back then the teams promised they'd match Netbeans' version with Java SDK releases, to provide timely support for new features. Support is probably there, but the promise to sync releases to Java SDK didn't hold more than a couple of releases.
    Wrt to UML, I'm not big on spamming diagrams, the nice part was that you could generate class (and more importantly sequence) diagrams from existing code. Super useful when you have to understand other people's code.

    I've solve my IDE woes by buying a license. I won't name the IDE here, because this is about Netbeans, but I think everybody knows which one it is.


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      Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post
      Eventually NetBeans will cease being known as a Java IDE and will be only known as a Rust IDE.... It was a matter of time. LOL.
      I actually used NetBeans for PHP, it was one of the best I tried at that time.