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Rust Support Is Being Worked On For The Linux Kernel's V4L2/Media Subsystem

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    rclark, by that logic, C should have just used JE, JNE, JNZ, etc. from assembly and not had weird things like if/for/while/do.

    Powerful pattern matching is a time-tested aspect of functional languages and, as someone who switched to Rust from languages like Python and Javascript (and yes, I do use C in my retro-hobby programming for lack of Rust), I wouldn't give it up for the world.

    Again, Rust isn't "a better C++"... it's a GC-less ML derivative with syntax made more C++-like to make it look less alien to mainstream programmers. Based on the "my favourite language is God's gift to programming and everything should be like it" in your logic, I could argue that we should throw out your favourite language because it's not enough like the language I think is best.

    You can't blame the people who designed Rust to meet their own niche (Just as Go was designed to serve the roles that Google was using C++ for, Rust was designed to serve the roles Mozilla was using C++ for) because it was a self-itch-scratch. The most justifiable position you can take is to fault all the people switching to it because "stop liking what I don't like!"

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      ryao, Good point. Pascal was also hamstrung by taking so long to outgrow being designed so tightly to be only a teaching language.

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