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GNU Octave 8.1 Released For Free Software MATLAB Alternative

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  • GNU Octave 8.1 Released For Free Software MATLAB Alternative

    Phoronix: GNU Octave 8.1 Released For Free Software MATLAB Alternative

    GNU Octave 8.1 is out today as the newest feature release to this free software for scientific computing and numerical computations that remains a leading open-source alternative to MATLAB...

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    Interesting, I didn't know about this software.
    Thanks for sharing, it may be very useful for me.


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      Octave is a very nice tool. I have used it a lot in the recent years the only thing I'm totally missing is: parfor . It is the parallelisation of the for-loop. The command works but its still a simple for loop. There is a octave forge parallel package which has nice functions for multi threading. But the most versatile is still parfor.


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        Few years ago I moved some matlab code to it and got annoyed, so I moved to python. I'll have to check again.

        I did use R to develop the math stuff then made the function in python/numpy.

        Speed benchmark and functions pass and no pass would be a good thing between matlab and octave.


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          Octave is to MATLAB what BananaPi is to the Raspberry Pi. Part of the reason MATLAB is so useful is the large community of users, forums, and pre-written add-ons to help you get your work done fast. Also, practically every University in western Europe/US has a site licence for MATLAB.

          I guess Octave is more valuable for the developing world, and hobbyists.