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More AMD "Glinda" SoC Enablement Code Begins Landing In Coreboot

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  • More AMD "Glinda" SoC Enablement Code Begins Landing In Coreboot

    Phoronix: More AMD "Glinda" SoC Enablement Code Begins Landing In Coreboot

    Earlier this month I wrote about AMD "Morgana" and "Glinda" SoCs appearing in Coreboot for this open-source system firmware implementation. These are codenames we haven't seen talked about previously by AMD and this week more of the AMD Glinda SoC code has been published and merged into Coreboot...

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    I was getting very excited, until they said this at the very end:
    In addition to that 5k lines of Glinda enablement code, merged overnight were also a bunch of Glinda blobs around the binary-only Platform Security Processor (PSP) support needed for Coreboot as well as the video BIOS binary.‚Äč
    So we've got open firmware on AMD now but we still need closed blobs for the PSP. This says a lot, Its almost ironic.


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      There are plenty of little FW blobs for all sorts of controllers e.g. on GPUs. You'll notice once you build your own Gentoo kernels and have to put in all the tiny blobs.
      Anyway, there is room to improve.

      What aggravates me here a little is that we do have pretty good Coreboot support for all sorts of AMD chips (at least I see every now and then an enablement news here) - but hardly any (real) boards. We need Coreboot images preinstalled on all sorts of AsRock/Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Jetway, Biostar,... boards, or at least possibilities to install on your own.
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