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PHP 8.2 RC1 Released With Various Fixes & Improvements

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  • PHP 8.2 RC1 Released With Various Fixes & Improvements

    Phoronix: PHP 8.2 RC1 Released With Various Fixes & Improvements

    After a series of alpha and beta releases over the past several months, out this past week is the first release candidate of the upcoming PHP 8.2...

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    Obligatory negative comment about PHP.

    What ever happened to “Perl7”? That’s an update I’d like to see.


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      As someone who has plied his craft with PHP for 20+ years now, this another nice update to the language


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        PHP is great, I say that even though I don't code in PHP anymore and haven't in a decade.

        Thing is PHP is from the early times of the web when we just had CGI and the code was in either C or Perl, and PHP was like a dynamic runtime with garbage collection and bindings to popular C libraries. From that it has modernized and evolved with the times to become what it is today. Not bad considering what it came from. Very nice evolution.

        Of course it has its drawbacks though, its practically a web-only language (even though it can be used for CLI and once had GTK bindings for GUI). It gets invoked at every request and doesn't have a persistent life time so its not suitable for things like WebSockets.

        PHP had some bad reputation, and yeah it had lots of quirks and weirdness but most of that have been fixed.


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          I kinda have to disagree.
          2 decades ago, PHP was one of the best tools in the trade. It was the language that stuff got DONE in!.
          True, it might have been overly successful, but there really wasn't anything comparable that was noticeably better.

          Then the world moved on, and PHP got its bad rep.

          The PHP adopted what they consider to be best practices, but implemented them all terribly.
          Autoloader is terrible. PHP8 still has bad handling of unicode. PHP8 is still biased towards fcgi, so no matter how much faster they make the runtime, loading times still dominate. Documentation in popular PHP projects still severely lag behind equivalent Python/Rust/Ruby and even PERL projects. Classes have adopted featured geared towards ABI's (like visibility), when it doesn't have an ABI. Traits use the class's namespace, so namespace clashes are catastrophic and really hard to debug.

          I have to say, I in many ways find the push for JAVA-style OOP in PHP is really not making it better.

          But that's just me.

          It's certainly trying to get better, and gets some good features. But it's not keeping pace.