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Google Engineers Lift The Lid On Carbon - A Hopeful Successor To C++

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    Originally posted by Developer12 View Post

    yes, really:
    "if you can use rust, ignore carbon"

    If you're using carbon because you can't migrate away from C++, you're by definition not using a "replacement." You're explicitly using carbon because C++ can't be replaced.

    The modern *replacement* is Rust.
    The key is "if you can use it", I can't because Rust sucks balls.


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      Originally posted by cl333r View Post

      Nah, this is a good one, we need a real modern alternative to C++ and Rust ain't it, Carbon seems like Rust but without its borrow checker - exactly what we need.
      In what sane universe would you ever need to permanently disable the borrow checker?


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        Originally posted by Ironmask View Post

        Deep breathes. Use your words.
        You're clueless, no more words, I've seen your explanation - you're clueless if case you didn't get it the first 2 times.


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          Originally posted by uxmkt View Post
          Dart: failed. Golang: failed (since now there's Carbon). Carbon: failure to be shown, but I'm sure it'll come.
          what? Go is absolutely not failed. On the contrary, it is gaining a lot of traction.
          Also, Go is not a C++ replacement as Carbon is meant to be.

          They're two different languages with two completely different purpouses.


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            Originally posted by cl333r View Post

            You're clueless, no more words, I've seen your explanation - you're clueless if case you didn't get it the first 2 times.
            I'll admit I'm clueless to whatever point you're trying to make. All I did was explain Rust's borrow checker, did I explain it wrong?


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              It is cute when kids invent their own languages by putting new syllables to every word they say. But to watch software developers invent new languages by spinning the same old shit in circles is just painful to watch.


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                Does Carbon Rust?


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                  You are all clueless.
                  Forget borrow checkers, static typing etc... the key point is this:

                  Welcoming open-source community
                  • Community that works to be welcoming, inclusive, and friendly



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                    Originally posted by Mahboi View Post
                    Does Carbon Rust?
                    It's kind of funny everyone names Rust-adjacent stuff after various forms of metal and oxidation, but Rust is actually named after a fungus (the creator really like fungi).


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                      Not sure about the concept - but the way it is presented is like you know you have a bad product and use all the fency terms:
                      "easy", "modern", "no old things standing in your way", "no bad ABI stability", ... are they kidding?
                      Sorry, but C and C++ are on top for a reason ... Carbon should have a technical advantage ... and abolutely nothing is presented.
                      If they want to address people who can not program and want memory management etc. automatically, that would not appeal to the good C++ developers
                      they aim for. It was just revealed ... but nevertheless I don't think that there is a niche for yet another obejective C like language dominated by a monopolist
                      which some people think to be better than C++ ... and get sometimes a true successor of C++ ... while it is not worth to time spend time on ...
                      We will see how it works long term - but just that very moment it looks poor to me.
                      By the way - what was the reason for Go? I mean, the big thing which is shiny, new and selling ... or is Google just enough so people may think:
                      "It somes from Google - we should learn it." Don't think that this will work ...
                      Would Carbon code of today run in 20 years? Would be a lot of scripting to go that way - if it would possible at all.
                      And we all know how good Android is in getting update after 10 years ... right?