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Qt 6.3 Released With Improved Wayland Support, Qt Language Server Module

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    Originally posted by birdie View Post

    I've seen millions of devices with the Linux kernel. They are often part of botnets because maintaining the kernel for them is a Herculean task which also requires money.

    Your argument of the Linux kernel versatility in terms of supporting various devices as an advantage is complete crap. If anything it's a disadvantage because it shows that you can either have RHEL/Google which actually maintain older versions of it or use the bleeding edge which is not applicable to all your wonderful devices.
    Perhaps it is disadvantage but still knowing that those devices aren't running "nice, standard and uniform" Windows which has special version for embedded devices or in fact had it for years. So if Windows is much greater why those "wonderful devices" aren't running it? You don't have to answer, I think it is pretty obvious why. It's definitely not about money because, as you noticed, Linux maintenance also costs money. So if not money then the only conclusion is that it's not that better technically like you described. Or maybe not always the best solution is most popular but that wouldn't be the best conclusion for Windows on desktop. I believe I should end my part of discussion with it. No point of proving superiority of one solution over another when one is more popular than other.
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