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New Linux /dev/random RNG Revved For The 43rd Time

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    The precieved downsides that a few people see, that I don't really buy into personally but I'm not a expert on it. Don't appear (IMO) to be enough to stop the patch set, considering the number of advantages it does bring. The FIPS argument is like any standards argument, they're often not perfect but for MANY organisations there is no choice, the project doesn't paused because you can't support the standard, it just finds a proprietary solution that will support it. And if that happens to be a very old version of your favourite open source project with very dubious patches applied, then that's what shall be used.

    Hopefully 44 is the ticket!


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      Originally posted by Old Grouch View Post
      Revised. https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionari...vise?q=revised

      Could also possibly be revisited. Or reviewed. Or possibly 'rev' as slang for turned around again (from revolution).
      kokoko3k , a correct interpretation of "revved" should be something like: "issued a new revision of". Of the above, revised comes closest, but without the precise connotation of releasing as a new revision.

      It's definitely slang/jargon, but I think not exceptionally so.