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LLVM 13.0 Released With Official Flang Binary Packages, Improved OpenCL Clang Support

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    Originally posted by david-nk View Post

    You mean LLVM? Besides, there are at least 4 projects called flang, but they all target LLVM.

    From the LLVM 12 release notes:

    "Flang is able to parse a comprehensive subset of the Fortran language and check it for correctness. Flang is not yet able to generate LLVM IR for the source code and thus is unable to compile a running binary.


    By default, Flang will parse the Fortran file hello.f90 then unparse it to a canonical Fortran source file. Flang will then invoke an external Fortran compiler to compile this source file and link it, placing the resulting executable in hello.bin.

    To specify the external Fortran compiler, set the F18_FC environment variable to the name of the compiler binary and ensure that it is on yourPATH. The default value for F18_FC is gfortran."
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      Originally posted by kylew77 View Post
      Read a paper just yesterday that said it did on platforms that don't have LLVM support, but yes on AMD64 I think you might be right that base doesn't ship with that ancient GCC version.
      Common sense I'm talking about archs that use Clang which makes up most of the supported archs. Flang will never exist on non-Clang archs.