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Patches Proposed So Microsoft Debuggers Can Deal With GCC-Built MinGW Executables

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    Originally posted by coder View Post
    The community's skepticism isn't unwarranted. I would find it more unsettling if Microsoft's contributions and engagement were embraced unquestioningly.

    That said, skepticism itself should be examined, critically. Basically, I think these are healthy discussions.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't think skepticism is bad. That being said there's a bit of a "boy who cried wolf" sentiment. If every single thing is called a plot by Microsoft or whoever to kill linux (for realsies this time trust me guys), people stop taking it seriously. If I understand the article correctly, this (not even approved yet, just proposed) patchset isn't even directly from Microsoft.


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      Originally posted by sandain View Post

      Ohh, but won't you think of the children? Did you forget to take your meds this morning Donny?
      I don't know who's Donny. Also I don't take meds. You evidently do however, as you do exhibit the reasoning capacity of someone, who routinely abuses antidepressants. Give it up before it is too late, it will leave you an empty shell.


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        Originally posted by ddriver View Post

        Embrace - done
        Extend - done
        Extinguish - ongoing

        Also, how do you skip so many glances, and what could you be missing along?
        This is not the extend that EEE is about, that extend would be MS extending GCC in a non-compatible way, releasing it as MSGCC, which due to their monopoly situation would lead to a situation where lots of projects would start to use these new functions of MSGCC and release source code that would not be compilable by the normal GCC, thus isolating GCC for "legacy" applications only.


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          Originally posted by ddriver View Post
          And it hasn't really lost any dominance, it is still as dominant as ever in the areas where it was dominant in the past.
          No. Lots of businesses are moving away from MS Back Office and switching to cloud-based offerings like those from Google. The world's IT infrastructure is no longer running primarily on Windows Server. It runs on the cloud that's overwhelming Linux-based.

          And, although it's getting off-topic, a lot of kids are using chromebooks for school, whereas they'd previously have used Windows laptops. As those kids get into the workforce, it's not going to be a foregone conclusion to use Windows-anything.

          Originally posted by ddriver View Post
          If anything, M$ tools are far more bloated, with results in a worse user experience.
          I just remember it was a major PITA to debug anything that used a mix of object formats, on Windows. 15 years ago, I don't think gdb supported MSVC-compiled code, and you certainly couldn't use Visual Studio to debug MinGW-compiled code. Maybe GDB has added support for whatever their object file format is, in the meantime, but most of my debugging was either on Linux (for the pieces that built and ran there) or with logfiles and such.

          Originally posted by ddriver View Post
          The deprivation of choice usually works in the following manner - at first it is optional, then it becomes recommended, and before you know it, it is mandatory.
          You're just repeating the same sorts of generalities. I asked what's their specific play, here?

          Originally posted by ddriver View Post
          And linux is a bit too open for its own good,
          Except it's not Linux, we're talking about -- it's GCC.

          Originally posted by ddriver View Post
          Finally, let me put it this way:
          That's a mental disorder, where offenders have a very high recitivism rate. It's very difficult for them to change, unfortunately.

          When we're talking about corporations, they actually can change -- sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse.

          Originally posted by ddriver View Post
          I wouldn't call it paranoia, but realism, rationality, reason and common sense.
          You're a smart guy, and there are other smart folks with long memories. Why are you so afraid MS is going to pull a fast one, with no one noticing until it's too late? Plus, GCC is all GPL'd, so anyone can fork it and purge MS' patches, at any time.


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            purge MS' patches
            These patches weren't written by MS.