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GitLab Will Now Default To "Main" For New Git Repositories

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    Originally posted by M1kkko View Post
    I'm honestly curious, do these same people believe that "mastering" or "remastering", when it comes to music or film, is also racist language?

    Speaking of music, do they want to ban the song "Master of Puppets" by Metallica?

    How about Master's degrees in education?
    Oh noes!!1 You were supposed to apology first before using those hurting supremacist words.


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      Take that racists that doesn't even know that GitLab even exists!


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        I'm gonna configure my local git to default to massa instead of master.


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          Originally posted by Duff~ View Post
          Take that racists that doesn't even know that GitLab even exists!
          i know and i feel defeated after ban my class


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            Originally posted by calc View Post

            Might want to look at the etymology.

            Master in regards to education and its use as a verb are both older than its use as the slave master term.

            Computing just brought this mess directly on itself by deciding to use the slave master term.

            And no big loss if Metallica is cancelled.
            I think git's master branch has the same meaning as a master tape in audio, as opposed to "slave master"


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              The amount of toxic white snowflakes on this message board is flabbergasting.


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                Originally posted by obri View Post
                You are wrong. Slaves where bought and held in old Egypt and surely earlier. So e.g. "Master of Engineering" is with no doubt not older than slavery.
                Citation needed.

                Sounds like you don't even know what an etymology dictonary is.

                'Master' has been used for education in English since prior to 12th century and it came from Latin.

                'Master' referring to slavery appears to have come into being around 1705.

                Of course the concept of slavery itself has existed much longer than that as you noted.

                Originally posted by obri View Post
                So you are telling us, the IT people used that because of slaves? Makes no sense to me. As the master has also to do work, the slaves just follow the work of the master.
                Master/slave terminology obviously comes directly from slavery.

                Originally posted by obri View Post
                Ahh, of course. If something is not important to *you*, it can be cancelled. Sounds awful to me.
                I respect other people and their music taste. Therefore I would never think that way.
                Is that this "inclusive thinking"?
                Metallica has a long history with being anti-fan, perhaps you just aren't old enough to remember.
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                  The issue that people have with renaming Master to Main has to do with motivations/reasonings.

                  It's clear that Master and Main mean the same thing in this context, so why put in the effort to change things?

                  "Because it's racist" is the reason, and it's ridiculous. Change it? Sure, but not because it's "racist".

                  When will the pihole project get cancelled for having "blacklist" and "whitelist"?

                  This is the type of insanity that continues to be pushed into names and documentation (such as the CoC) because there's no technical merit to the changes. And now we also have fragmentation in the naming of the Main/Master branches.

                  Imagine the pushback if some religious fundamentalists wanted to rename 'Main' or 'Master' to 'Lord'.

                  Just tell them no, and then ignore them.


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                    Originally posted by M1kkko View Post
                    I think git's master branch has the same meaning as a master tape in audio, as opposed to "slave master"
                    Unfortunately that's not actually the case.

                    git got the term from bitkeeper which it was a replacement for and which used master/slave terms together.

                    For background see:

                    Re: Replacing "master" reference in git branch names (was Re: Proposal: Replace all references to master/slave in GNOME modules)


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                      All hail the main race!

                      The recent years have shown us that any word or symbol previously not associated with something "bad" can easily be tainted, in many cases just for the lulz.

                      Granted, we can continue banning words regardless of their actual context, but pretty soon we are gonna run out of words we are allowed to use.