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Clang LTO Support Merged For Linux 5.12 Including ARM64 + x86_64

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    I think I will wait this one out. Since upgrading to Zen last year performance hasn't been an issue and I like how stable this machine is.


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      Originally posted by FireBurn View Post
      Ah, I forgot about an AMDGPU fix I needed to apply for my RAVEN system
      What is this fix ? Because I still can't compile with LTO enabled with those objtool errors, I did remove "retpolines" and "strip unneeded symbols" configs but it still doesn't work.


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        The bzImage compiles here, but the modules won't.
        Looks like it's still a WIP.

        The llvm lto bzImage is 25% larger than the non-lto gcc version.
        That's the opposite of what would be expected.

        Just looking at this alone I won't even bother trying to boot it.
        I feel a lot more confident with gcc for dealing with my kernel.
        The gcc/glibc devs have always done good work as far as i'm concerned.
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