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OpenJ9 0.23 Released As Latest Eclipse Java Virtual Machine

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    Originally posted by onlyLinuxLuvUBack View Post
    Instead of using microsfot gitsuck we can
    ...hosted in europe where govs still protect people.
    *chuckle* Funny you should point to them. Codeberg is a Gitea instance (aside from the look, the Help link gives it away) and I just pointed Gitea out to someone earlier today as an open-source GitHub competitor designed to be light enough and easy enough to deploy that you can self-host it on a Raspberry Pi if you're desperate.

    Also, people are experimenting with more anonymous and/or decentralized options. (Look at the replies.)
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      Originally posted by pal666 View Post
      you shouldn't wish anything based in terrorist states
      USA are terrorists, too, it just depends on which bubble you're in.


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        Originally posted by MastaG View Post
        All these OpenJ* releases can't run my HP iLO client applet.
        For this I still require Oracle Java.
        Applets are a dead technology... no modern browser supports them, and if you're using them with Oracle Java, you're certainly not using a current version, since Oracle dropped applet support from Java 9 onwards.