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OpenJDK 15 Reaches GA With Garbage Collector Promotions, Tossing Out Solaris + SPARC

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    Originally posted by om26er View Post

    That's the problem unfortunately. Android developers have to settle on the ancient Java and Kotlin, well it (Kotlin) just had to come in to fragment the overall Android development scene. It has becomes even a challenge to find something on stackoverflow these days because things come up for Kotlin as answers and in my domain I am using Java.

    I hope the day Google and Oracle settle, Kotlin will just get killed and everyone will be happy forever ;-)
    Kotlin's not going anywhere. If the Kotlin Foundation disbanded, their repos would be forked in 0.687 seconds and the community would take over. Nobody who knows Kotlin voluntarily writes new code in Java.

    In any event, Kotlin has a multiplatform facet to it. It's not considered stable yet, but you can use it to target JS and native targets, including macOS and iOS. I believe that Google's ultimate vision is to replace the JVM and keep Kotlin.