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Git 2.28-rc1 Released - Continues The Transition Towards SHA256 Plus Moving Off "Master"

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    Originally posted by Britoid View Post
    Soon every word will be banned and everything will have to be yes and no.
    Except "no" is not inclusive so that can not be used either. Also PRs will not be rejected any more because that is not inclusive. We will not have to excel in our fields to write good software because feelings are more important. This should be extended to all the fields. Imagine airline pilot being depressed and feeling like crashing into a mountainside. Nobody would dare to object because that would be so insensitive. Words of encouragement would be the last thing heard in that plane. That is the future i would like to live in!


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      Originally posted by timrichardson View Post

      No doubt. But slavery is not such a point, surely.
      There is no slavery in Git branches.


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        I will call my primary branches "master".


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          North America and Northern Europe truly is a bizarre weird place. People have been brainwashed by ideology and propaganda to their point that their cognition has warped.
          I believe it is a part of collapse of the western societies, and I don't think it is something that will stay, because it is enforced and holds back progress in similar way to bike shedding, which leads to less agility which leads to hard times and then people will abandon all.
          Luckily this ideology seems limited to the west and is not prevalent in Russia or China.


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            Originally posted by intelfx View Post

            There is no slavery in Git branches.
            git branch slavery
            Now there is.


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              When it comes to moving Git off "master" as the default name of the main code branch, Git 2.28 has additional work in this area too. The name of the primary branch in existing repositories and the default name for newly-created repositories is made configurable with Git 2.28. As said by Git maintainer Junio Hamano, "so that we can eventually wean ourselves off of the hardcoded 'master'."
              So much complication and breakage, just so some pozzed SJW can avoid getting a bit of sand in his \/agina.


              Literally no one cared about it for the first 15 years of git development, but now all of a sudden they do...?

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                git never enforced the master/slave or main/mirror design pattern for local branches anyway, calls slaves or mirrors remotes. Now if only we could adopt memory safe languages as fast as we adopt politically safe language.


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                  Eh... Years ago (and I mean 10+ years ago), there was a simple request from management that we move to new terminology at my old company. It was a cheap and straightforward process - just part of other standard marketing and terminology changes.

                  I'm surprised that the younger generation have so much of a hard time with living in the 21st Century. Though they'd no doubt have a hard time dealing with the rigours of the 19th or 16th Century social etiquette as well...


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                    Apparently certain people mistake words for the practices they describe. And then think using the word itself is wrong. That is non-sense.

                    The word slave is not wrong in itself. In communication protocols it refers to the party answering to a request from the master. Slavery itself, is not necessarily immoral, ants hold slaves. It's not very sympathetic, but neither is a lion killing a deer. Morality doesn't apply to ants. The immorality applies only to when people hold other people as slaves.

                    We need to realize that we need words to describe the world we live in and as bad things happen in the world, we need words to describe those too.

                    It makes no sense to blacklist the words themselves. It fact that might even be detrimental as that would help to erase the black pages from our history. We (the Dutch) have been slave traders and will have to live with that shame forever. Erasing the instances of 'black' in the preceding sentences will only ease our own conscience but not make up for the people whose lives we have destroyed.


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                      Originally posted by ferry View Post
                      We need to realize that we need words to describe the world we live in and as bad things happen in the world, we need words to describe those too.

                      It makes no sense to blacklist the words themselves.
                      Did you just say BLACKlist?! Seems like you're in dire need of some reeducation.