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Goals: Red Hat Developer Working On New Tool To Improve Upon Make

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    Originally posted by juarezr View Post

    Also it's not clear but maybe it will come with dependencies to OCaml and Perl. This will just stress the developer system setup already crowded with libraries and version requirements.
    • NIH ?
    • YABT ?
    What you think about?
    I completely agree. Adding more depends stresses developers. Currently sys-devel/make depends on guile, gettext, libintl here on Gentoo. Adding perl as a dependencies would be like being hit by a hurricane.

    I read a book to learn make, and within a week I was writing Make files, while gritting with the white spaces.

    With CMake, I cannot even find a decent book or decent documentation to write CMake files. Almost like it was given to the open source coding community with strings attached from proprietary software vendors.


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      Originally posted by mkrupcale View Post

      build2 is a a cargo-like build toolchain written in C++. It is like make in the sense that its build files have a notion of targets, prerequisites, and rules. However, it does extract some source code dependency information such as the usual header dependencies and even C++20 modules. Plus it's highly extensible (especially with the introduction of build system modules in v0.12) and can deal with generated source code dependencies defined by rules such as the in module.

      Then there are package-level dependencies which are dealt with using a normal package manifest file analogous to the Cargo.toml file.

      Full disclosure: I'm the build2 package maintainer on Fedora.
      Nice! I've taken a look at the project page and it looks quite featureful. I like that it has a proper concept of versioning; I'm going to try it out over the weekend.