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Initial Patches Wire In C++20 Coroutines For The GCC Compiler

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    Originally posted by cynical View Post
    No, I literally said "most popular language to write in". Glue code that ships with Linux obviously doesn't count. I mean it counts once because someone wrote it, but I'm not counting the deployment of a million Linux distributions the same as the deployment of a million individual code bases. Google searches are obviously not a good metric... I mean for one thing, you are more likely measuring how popular a certain breed of snake is. Github is also terrible since much of what you are measuring is glue code used in many projects that might be mostly in C++ or some other language.

    The language that dominates for back-end servers and now mobile applications is clearly Java. Look at the number of unique applications in the Android app store, and add to that all the code developed in enterprise situations. I don't think any other language comes close except for JavaScript because of it's special relationship to the web.
    You have no evidence to back up your points and you state any other actual metrics are meaningless. You also propose some code matters more than others. Your propositions are as subjective as anyone else's and you are contradicting yourself in saying what metrics would matter more if you actually had them.

    At least accept that you are stating opinions and not facts.