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Facebook Is JIT'ing C++ Code To Treat It Like A Crazy Fast Scripting Language

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  • Facebook Is JIT'ing C++ Code To Treat It Like A Crazy Fast Scripting Language

    Phoronix: Facebook Is JIT'ing C++ Code To Treat It Like A Crazy Fast Scripting Language

    Facebook has worked on various programming language innovations over the years from all their work on HHVM at a time when PHP was slow to working on a super fast C/C++ pre-processor to other open-source language work. Their latest work in this area is on supporting just-in-time compilation of C++ code to treat it like a scripting language...

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    Totally useless for me, but I can't wait to be able to play with it just for fun.


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      interestingly just what I vlog'ed yesterday, minus the scripting and more of a pre-compiled byte-code setup though:


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        Well, if you want an open-source C++ JIT today and don't mind dealing with a big bunch of legacy cruft, there's always the option of using CERN's ROOT...


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          One does not necessarily need to deal with the cruft, xeus-cling is on conda-forge and can even be tried out in the browser (just click the binder link in the README here:


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            And here i was thinking java...


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              Wasn't Epic looking at the idea of a scripting language in UE4 to compliment and go between C++ and Blueprint?

              This could be ideal? And then in release the C++ could be compiled like normal to avoid any overhead.


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                Originally posted by Bsdisbetter View Post
                And here i was thinking java...
                That is one option indeed, since 1991.
                Another option is Lua, since 1993..

                Speaking About Lua,
                You already have:
                also Terra Language, that can be LLVM jit compiled( and for what it seems that are some cases were its faster than C, and others were it stays at 5% performance penalty of C Language.. and so, faster than C++ )
                Pallene another one, that can be compiled to LLVM IR, and then jit compiled..

                So lots of options here..


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                  Looks like someone took a page from the Varnish book


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                    TinyC (tcc) sort of did this decades ago for C because it compiles fast as hell. It's pretty cool but ultimately can not match the optimization of more complete compilers.