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PHP 7.3 Performance Benchmarks Are Looking Good Days Ahead Of Its Release

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    Originally posted by MrEcho View Post

    A ORM is not needed for every project, and you dont know how I do my SQL. An ORM is not the end all be all of SQL, there are a lot of edge cases where it just falls apart, or uses too much ram and or is to slow. Does it make things easier, sure, if you dont know what your doing. As someone that has been working with PHP / SQL for almost 20 years now, I know a thing or two. Ive also been a sys admin / engineer for 14+ years. Ive seen what happens when devs use an ORM and have no clue what it does to the SQL server I had to manage. I hand them the SQL statements thats causing all sorts of issues, and they look at me with a blank face... "its the ORM, I dont know how to fix it"
    It works very well for simple CRUD operations, but once you get into the real SQL, it falls apart.

    On the topic of SQL, Async MySQL/Postgres sounds neat, till you do transactions, or you really need that boolean / object back to continue on to the next function in your script.
    I 100% agree that an ORM can get in the way as soon as you wander off the garden path. This is why they also allow you to write your normal SQL. I too have about 20 years of experience here (programming/sysadmin) - and I know that using an ORM eliminates a lot of the bad practises with not many downsides.

    As for devs that have NFI, that's bad - I do truly sympathise with you. make sure they get skilled up though - that's not a headache you want!