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GCC's Conversion To Git Is Still Turning Out To Be A Massive Headache

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    Originally posted by TylerY86 View Post
    Reposurgeon is a 14K line python file. Seriously difficult to navigate, no wonder gitlab can't run blame on it.
    Holy crap! you are right. It is massive and impossible to navigate.
    I am reading the code and there is no modularization whatsoever. There is a RepoSurgeon class with about 5000 LOC.
    I found 11 levels of nested ifs/for. WTF?
    There are methods with about 200 LOC.
    There is a lot of NIH code such as a Date class.

    In my professional opinion, you are right, this guy is not good at coding.

    Go is not going to miraculously fix this messy code. It needs some serious refactoring.


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      When you absolutely, positively want to fuck your project's infrastructure...Python.

      What is amazing about the clusterfuck that is Python is years ago when the same type of dimwits who were using Perl the problems weren't even close to being this bad.

      One has to wonder if the idiotic 'hey, let's make whitespace syntax!' wasn't just mind boggling incompetence but some sort of masterful misdirection to distract from what a complete piece of garbage the actual language and ecosystem is.