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Building kernel with RETPOLINE fails?

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  • Building kernel with RETPOLINE fails?

    Dear folks, I hope this is not too OT here...
    I am about to build kernel 4.14.15 using GCC 7.3.0, 4.15 is not yet available for my distro.
    I have enabled retpoline, but compailing always fails with a segfault in objtool at some time.
    Though, I optimize for AMD using march=k8.
    It *might* be possible to build with retpoline and march=x86-64 which I just test now.
    Thus, could it be, building the kernel with retpoline fails if you use CPU optimizations?
    Anoyne any experince with that?

    EDIT: my assumption proved right.
    When using CPU optimization like march=bdver2 or similar, building kernel >= 4.14.15 will fail. I had only success using the default march=x86-64
    I think it gets fixed in the future, currently other things may be more important.
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