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The Sounds Of More Oracle Layoffs, SPARC Execution Could Be Near

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    Originally posted by cb88 View Post
    They should just sell their entire Sparc division to Fujitsu or something
    Hmmm, that sounds familiar.....


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      The only reason Oracle bought Sun was to get Java. Just as they bought BEA, to get Weblogic application server. With Java and Weblogic, Oracle owns the enterprise application server market. Solaris and SPARC were baggage to Oracle, from day 1.

      Quite frankly I'm surprised how many database customers they still have, given how obtuse their licensing is when dealing with VM's. If you have a 64 core physical server, with a single Oracle database VM which has 4 cores, you have to pay for 64 cores of licensing. Even though your database VM is only using 4 cores. It's really stupid. PostgreSQL has really come a long way, and we're giving it a serious look this coming year, as we're tired of playing Oracle's asinine licensing game.


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        Once a fan of Sun Microsystems myself does the sun still shine each day with Linux. Who is Oracle again? Someone remind me of what they do. I believe they fish a lot.

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          If Oracle were a person, he'd be the kind of person who makes up a fake resume to get a higher paying job. Then, whether he's slacking or doing the job incorrectly, he gets called out on it and responds with "nobody told me it was going to be this hard!" or "this isn't what I signed up for!"


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            Originally posted by bulletxt View Post
            Is mysql at risk?
            I wouldn't worry about it, it's the reason Mariadb exists. Plus big data is big money.


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              Originally posted by willmore View Post

              Hmmm, that sounds familiar.....
              To what? Do you see Itanium gets selled to HP too?

              Palm bought by a Japanese company and doing nearly nothing? They even own BeOS.