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Project I. prev. 2. is good, but not perfect at all

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  • Project I. prev. 2. is good, but not perfect at all

    HMMZ, dunno why but Solaris does not detect my ethernet card in my laptop really weirdly and it has soundcard issues in more comps. It does not detect those really either, prolly will wait for the final release, hope that works or will figure out some way to solve this. It is just totally weird, cause all linuxes approx I have tried work with my laptop fully, ok bsd has trouble always, but bsd works on that comp where the sndcard was not detected fully. It detects the sound card and the ethernet card. Approx only Project Indiana prev 2. does not detect the soundcard in that pc, all other oses do. Dunno but I though Indiana had a pretty new kernel and such things, so I am just wondering what this is, I mean hopefully in the full version this will be fixed, cause having to do extra things for the sound to work would be funny on that pc, if everything else works with it def. The gnome desktop is good, runs nicely even on my laptop. I hope the final release will have all the problems fixed really. Btw ok, I only tried live and the other linuxes were live and non-live ok.