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    Phoronix: OpenSolaris Project Indiana

    With much anticipation by the OpenSolaris community, last night Sun had released their first developer preview for the binary desktop distribution that we have known over the past couple of months as Project Indiana. Ian Murdock and company are optimistic for this project that will address some of the existing Solaris adoption barriers when it comes to the installation, package management, and familiarization along with revitalizing the user experience. How does this first milestone of Project Indiana, which in fact will be named OpenSolaris, rank when it comes to meeting their objectives? In this review, we have a lot of information and screenshots on this long-awaited OpenSolaris binary distribution.

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    "Thankfully, Project Indiana is also Mono-free."

    That's uncalled for and a foolish remark.


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      Didn't work in VirtualBox 1.5

      I downloaded the ISO and wanted to try it in VirtualBox 1.5 under Ubuntu 7.10.

      I choose "Solaris" as operatingsystem, gave the system 256MB of RAM and a 8GB expandable disk, mounted the ISO and started up.

      The CD booted, grub started. I chose to start the 32 bit environment.

      Then I saw this blue screen with the familar "dots" ...... (I think SCO used the same bootup a long time ago)

      Then after a period of perhaps a minute the screen turned black and there was three lines "SunOS Release 5.11..., Copyright..., Use is subject to license terms" and after that - nothing.

      The system seem to hang.

      I also tried the without ACPI-option. Same result.

      Anyone that has tried this in VirtualBox with success? If that's the case - with what configuration?

      My processor doesn't have IntelVT-support. Would that be the issue? (For example when I tried to boot Ubuntu 7.10 server at boot-time it said I had a too old processor - after changing to kernel-generic it worked fine) My processor is a Intel(R) Celeron(R) 3.06GHz
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        OpenSolaris will be supported in VirtualBox v1.5.4. You could use the SVN version for now.


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          Indiana Build env.?

          Has anyone been able to get a build env?

          I installed Sun Studio 12 as in here

          Running cc -V


          cc: Sun C 5.9 SunOS_i386 Patch 124868-01 2007/07/12
          usage: cc [ options] files. Use 'cc -flags' for details

          However, it is not a full install and Netbeans fails on java.
          Running prepare_system -C seems to install items, However it is via pkgadd not pkg.

          If anyone can advise on a build environment please help.


          Problem identified as broken pkgadd seems to work but fails resulting in core dump in /var/sadm/install bug-reported.
          Will try a new cd burn but crc passed.

          Burnt a new CD and reinstalled only to be greeted by the same problem.
          Lacking a build environment OpenSolaris preview is still a big advance in speed and ease of install.

          Now if I could get rid of:
          checking how to run the C preprocessor... /lib/cpp
          configure: error: C preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check

          SUNWspro installed from src tree seems to lack c++
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            Does anyone know if they have made a decision regarding the license?

            I would very much like to see this under the GPLv3.


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              Originally posted by GhePeU View Post
              "Thankfully, Project Indiana is also Mono-free."

              That's uncalled for and a foolish remark.
              I agree. There's no quantifiable advantage to not providing Mono, while there is a definite disadvantage (i.e. lack of choice). Mono is open source software and is used in some excellent products.

              I pretty much stopped reading at that statement.


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                Originally posted by GhePeU View Post
                "Thankfully, Project Indiana is also Mono-free."

                That's uncalled for and a foolish remark.
                True. Mono and Java Development environments are a must for me and I think most people need at least one of them .