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Building A Solaris 10 Recovery DVD

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  • Building A Solaris 10 Recovery DVD

    Phoronix: Building A Solaris 10 Recovery DVD

    There was a lot of interest generated by my last article titled "Build a (Very) Inexpensive Solaris 10 Workstation". Several topics were brought up in this feedback, among which these two questions "what tools does Solaris have for backups?" and "is it possible to make a restore DVD for Solaris?" struck me as particularly important. For reasons of my own, which I divulge in the Purpose section, I decided to pursue these questions and write an article.

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    a lot of work

    It seems like you did a lot of work to deal with the fact that the on-board NIC doesn't have a driver. Why not just pop in an old tulip card?

    Disk drives are so silly cheap now that one might as well just have a disk for each OS setup that you want to test and just swap them in and out. Put a value on your time and it becomes a no-brainer. They make drive caddies to ease the process.